Unveiling the Mysteries of the Tabernacle

Author: Dianne Ellis

When studying the Tabernacle there is a moment where one pauses and prepares to be ushered through the curtains into the presence of His Holiness.  There has never been a greater light shined upon the life of our Lord, than the Tabernacle.  We need to understand how important this place really was and still is today.  Even though its physical construction has ceased to exist over time, its spiritual parallels and implications continue to reveal the great things of God and His Kingdom.  Within and without, it speaks in sacred symbols of how man would enter into the place where the Spirit of God dwelt above the Mercy Seat.

You will never look at the Word of God the same after studying the Tabernacle.  You will find riches in great depth and revelations of how everything in the Word is given for a purpose.

In “Unveiling the Mysteries of the Tabernacle” you will find well over 200 pages of in-depth study of each aspect of the Tabernacle and how it was a type and shadow of Jesus Christ.  Included in this work is how to pray through the Tabernacle, which you will discover can greatly enhance your prayer life if you will practice it on a daily basis.

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