Treasured Words

Author: Dianne Ellis

When studying the Tabernacle there is a moment where one pauses and prepares to be ushered through the curtains into the presence of His Holiness.  There has never been a greater light shined upon the life of our Lord, than the Tabernacle.  We need to understand how important this place really was and still is today.  Even though its physical construction has ceased to exist over time, its spiritual parallels and implications continue to reveal the great things of God and His Kingdom.  Within and without, it speaks in sacred symbols of how man would enter into the place where the Spirit of God dwelt above the Mercy Seat.

You will never look at the Word of God the same after studying the Tabernacle.  You will find riches in great depth and revelations of how everything in the Word is given for a purpose.

In “Unveiling the Mysteries of the Tabernacle” you will find well over 200 pages of in-depth study of each aspect of the Tabernacle and how it was a type and shadow of Jesus Christ.  Included in this work is how to pray through the Tabernacle, which you will discover can greatly enhance your prayer life if you will practice it on a daily basis.

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Author: Dianne Ellis

Using our military strategies handbook for fighting in the natural and applied it to fighting in spiritual realm.  Every soldier gets weary when in continuous battle, leaving some gravely wounded and to those, I hope and pray this book will inspire them to pick up their sword and get back into the battle.  For those of you that have never gotten into the battle, I hope this book will give you some instructions on how to get involved in spiritual warfare.

Keep your Sword handy and be ready to fight! I pray this book will be a blessing to you as you read and that God will use some portion of it to inspire you to get into the battle of the last days.


Author: Dianne Ellis
This book is a compilation of 27 controversial questions answered by Rev Tom Barnes, Rev Nona Freeman, Rev James Kilgore, Rev Rose Phaeton and Rev William Sciscoe.
I believe this book will one day be a classic as three of the contributors have gone on to their reward.

Author: Dianne Ellis

Service most often requires change and this beautiful story told from the unique perspective of trees in the forest illustrates how we should all seek to serve God by serving others.  Through this story you will be encouraged to not allow your “roots” to prevent service, or anxiety to prevent service, and to always offer encouraging words to others as they serve.  This wonderful story demonstrates how we all have a purpose to serve no matter what we look like, if we are broken or not, or who we are.  God desires all of our service and all tasks He assigns are important and serve a purpose.  Ultimately Jesus was uprooted from Heaven to come to death and live a perfect life of service.  Through His love, He paid for our sins through His death on the cross and His resurrection.  This is a wonderful story certain to be enjoyed by young and old alike for generations.  Allow God to speak to you through this modern day parable and may we all ultimately be willing to serve our purpose in His Kingdom as this story so beautifully illustrates.
Gary Fox, Jr.
---From the Foreword

A Special Star
Author and Illustrator: Gary L Fox, Jr

Join this special star as the Christmas story is told as you have never heard it.  You will meet many characters along the way.  You will laugh and you might cry.  In the end you will join this special star Tnetnoc, pronounced T-Net-Nock, in feeling elation as he discovers his purpose to be more wondrous than even he could have imagined.  There are life lessons for all ages.  So enjoy this little story and fall in love with Tnetnoc as you share in his discoveries.  There are places in the book where your child can add their own drawings making this book a special keepsake to be enjoyed for years.

The Unspeakable Gift
Author: Mary Ellis

Humanistic Philosophy has swept across America pulling vast numbers of undiscerning souls into its tentacles.  The Unspeakable Gift is proof again of an omnipotent God whose “hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither His ear heavy, that it cannot hear,” a God whose love transcends the depths of sins and still reaches today to save lost and confused souls.
This story will instill hope in those whose circumstances seem hopeless by vividly showing that God does care, He does, hear, and He does answer prayer.  Those who know the Lord and walk in His ways will also find this account inspiring and a useful tool for witnessing.  The book describes the step-by-step leading of the hand of God and His written Word to enable “whoever will” to trace the path to truth and to discover that Jesus is the truth.
Healing for Hearts and Homes
Author: Mary Ellis

Our world is reeling from wars, famine, and financial distress.  People are suffering with loneliness, addictions, and abuse.  Homes are broken and hearts are wounded.  Where does one even begin to make a dent in the distress?  It begins in the heart and the home.  Healing comes to individuals who then affect their environment and promote change and further healing.  There is hope and help.  I know because I am one of the healed.  Now I turn to offer the truths I gleaned through years of study and application.  It is my hope and my goal to inspire you to personal changes which open the door of your heart to receive the healing God has for you with the potential to spill over with healing for your family and home.